Community Improvement Award Presented by the Ontario Horticultural Association to the Oakville Horticultural Society

Over the years, our Society has made many donations of plant material and trees to improve various areas of our town and is currently involved with the planting and maintenance of the parkette at the corner of Forsythe and Rebecca Streets, and at Ian Anderson House (a cancer hospice) on Winston Churchill Blvd.

In 2007, the Society hosted the Ontario Horticultural Association District 6 Workshop.

Our Society also has donated many bulbs for the grounds at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and designed and constructed the rooftop garden there.

The Society maintains a scrapbook of interesting pictures and information on our history.

Creating a Drought Tolerant, Sustainable Garden…

Big changes have taken place at what we have called the Forsythe Parkette. It has undergone a major transformation into the Anderson Bridge Parkette. To read more about this gardening adventure, click on site plan be

low to be taken to our Anderson Parkette page.

From this…


 To this…

Site Clearing

Anderson Parkette April 29th 2011

A finally


Click the above site plan to visit our Anderson Bridge Parkette. There you will find a history of the land, our efforts to create a new bio-diverse, sustainable garden, and a list of the plants planted and their care requirements.

Benefits of Sustainable Gardening
  1. Air and water cleansing
  2. Erosion and sediment control
  3. Food and renewable non-food production
  4. Habitat and food for wildlife including important pollinators
  5. Hazard mitigation
  6. Human health and well-being benefits
  7. Local and global climate regulation
  8. Waste decomposition and treatment
  9. Water supply and regulation