The Anderson Bridge Parkette


AP 1On a stormy afternoon in April, OHS volunteers braved the rain and sleet to carefully remove the existing garden plants. AP 2This was followed by the removal of the existing turf by OHS member David Hawley, who generously donated his time and equipment to clear the site.
AP 4The Petrie Group also generously donated a dump truck to carry off the sod for recycling. AP 5The last of the weeds were removed by hand in late April.
AP 6 Early in the morning of planting day, April 30, 2011, Sean James, a team from Fern Ridge and volunteers from the Oakville Horticultural Society began arriving AP 7By mid morning, the garden was laid out and planting was well underway.
AP 814 cubic yards of Gro Bark was spread through the garden and another 5 cubic yards of wood chips were used to make a path in the back of the garden. At the end of a long day, mst of the garden was in place. AP 9In October 2011, the Town of Oakville installed a permeable pathway using Eco-Priora by Unilock, that allows water to quickly infiltrate the surface to reduce runoff and soil erosion. With the new pathway in place, the garden was ready for visitors.

We hope you enjoy the garden.