November 2016

Horticultural Schedule

5. Annual – 1 stem
6. Annuals, Collection of 3 kinds – 1 stem of each.
78. Branch showing fall colour, cut to 36” or less
8. Cactus, Holiday – 1 pot
9. Chrysanthemum – 1 bloom or spray
10. Dried flowers – 1 bunch grown & dried by the exhibitor
11. House plant grown for flowers or fruit – 1 pot
12. House plant grown for foliage – 1 pot
13. House plant, trailing or climbing – 1 pot
14. Perennial, other – 1 stem
15. Rosa (rose), red – 1 spray or bloom
16. Rosa (rose), other – 1 spray or bloom
17. Vegetable – 1 specimen or bunch
18. A craft item (must have some horticultural content), made by the exhibitor, and not previously shown
19. Educational exhibit (5)
20. Any other cultivar (AOC) 3 – 1 stem or bloom
Special Exhibits
Dish garden or indoor planter, not to exceed 18” in any direction. (see O.J.E.S. pgs. 74, 95, 103) 4 16


All entries must be grown by the exhibitor.

Exhibitors are allowed three entries in each section, provided each specimen is a different cultivar.

When a height limit is specified for an annual or perennial, this refers to the growing height of the plant not the cut length of the specimen. Where 3 specimens of the same cultivar are asked for, the specimens should be uniform, free of disease or insect damage and at an appropriate stage of maturity

Educational Exhibit: This exhibit will be scored out of 5 points and the points will count toward trophies. Educational exhibits are designed to instruct the viewer in some aspect of horticulture (e.g., plant propagation, environment, endangered plant preservation, etc). The exhibit must contain plant material and should include both botanical and common plant names. It should also mention plant origin, habitat, culture (how it is grown), usage and history. The exhibit will also be judged on clear, concise presentation, attractiveness, quality and condition of plant material, originality and creativity. (O.J.E.S. pg. 76)

AOC: The “Any Other Cultivar” class has been added for plants that do not fall into any other show category. (O.J.E.S. pg. 90)

Judges follow the “Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design, Publication 34 / 2003,” (O.J.E.S.) published by the Ontario Horticultural Association and Garden Clubs of Ontario. Judges may disqualify entries that do not follow the guidelines. A copy of Publication 34 can be found in our Library or you may purchase a copy from the Society.

For complete guidelines, please refer to the Oakville Horticultural Society’s 2016 Guidelines for Entering Flower and Photographic Shows schedule.

Please Note:

All show entries — design, horticulture, photography — must be in place in the upstairs hall by 7:20 pm, prior to commencement of judging.