November 2016

Design Schedule . . . Second Life (Reuse, Recycle)

1. Class of Distinction Odd Containers-
a design using more than one container
2. Chairman’s Trophy Plastic Recycled
a design
4. General/Novice Metal Reused
a design
5. Miniature Slim Pick’ins
a miniature design in a niche 5″ h x 41/2 “w x 3” d


Only one entry per exhibitor is permitted in each category or section, for which the exhibitor is eligible and must be made by the exhibitor.

Unless otherwise stated, materials may be obtained from any source.

Judges follow the “Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design, Publication 34 / 2003,” (O.J.E.S.) published by the Ontario Horticultural Association and Garden Clubs of Ontario. Judges may disqualify entries that do not follow the guidelines. A copy of Publication 34 can be found in our Library or you may purchase a copy from the Society.

For complete guidelines, please refer to the Oakville Horticultural Society’s Guidelines for Entering Flower and Photographic Shows schedule.

Please Note:

All show entries — design, horticulture, photography — must be in place in the hall by 7:20 pm, prior to commencement of judging.